The 20th Pan-Asian Congress of Sports & Physical  Education

in Taipei during Oct. 15~16, 2009


Site : Tien-Mou International Convention Center,    

           Taipei, Chinese Taipei

                   *This center is nearby TPEC.


Organizer : Taipei Physical Education College(TPEC)

Co-organizer : Chinese Taipei Acrobats Association

Sponsored by Ministry of Sports, Chinese Taipei

Cooperated by Pan-Asian Society of Sports &Physical

Education / International Society of Eastern Sports &

Physical Education


-       Organizing Committee –

 Chairperson: Prof./Dr. Kunning Chen

 President, Taipei Physical Education College

      Vice-Chairperson : Prof./ Dr. Lai Cheng-Hsiu 

Head of Department of Physical Education &Health, TPEC

                        & President of CTAA

Secretary General : Liu, Su-I, TPEC


Official language : English & Chinese


Date Schedule :

Oct.14(Wedn. Arrival) / Oct.15~16(Thurs.~Fri. Congress, including poster presentation) / Oct. 17(Sat.-Tour) / Oct. 18(Sun.-Departure)

 * Special Night on Oct.16 -ten variety show performance of acrobatic sports



 Two Categories as the presentation topics :

<1>All of major area is allowed.  Comparative continental approach

or co-research with or among Asian researchers are preferred.  

          Comparison between East &West is preferred.

              Anybody all over the world can join in.

 <2> Traditional sports or Health-related topics will be highly regarded.

    *Two categories will be done simultaneously in two separate seminar rooms at Convention Center.

*Selected presentation papers will be included in the 2009 hard copies of the two Journals, if the authors agree with the publication condition, or if the topic & its content is proper for each journal. 

Publication dates for the two journals is Oct. 25, 2009

* Graduate students or interested researchers can join 

with poster or oral presentation.


Deadline :

  <1>100 USD deposit &Abstract submission during the two months of May 15~July 15, 2009

Deposit & abstract submission of one page means your participation confirmation.

(Name of Bank)The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited TienMu Branch

(Account No.)009-065012-821

(Receiver/Beneficiary)LIU CHIH YU


(Address of the Bank)1/F, 20,TienMu W.Road, Taipei 111, Taiwan.

(Receiver/Beneficiary Address)No.30-3 , Ln 81, Sec 7,

Choungshan,  N. Rd, Taipei 111, Taiwan.


<2>Full paper submission is during July 16 ~Aug.30, 2009


 The Condition for financial support :

 <1>In the case of Editors of Pan-Asian Journal & International Journal of Eastern Sports &Physical Education, research network persons of the two Journals, and selected high-level scholars :

   4 days accommodation at Tien-Mou Center, meals, tour &

airport pick-up &return & registration fee are free of charge. 

Only your airfare is in your charge.

    The deposit of 100 USD will be returned when they arrive.

  * Editors & research network people can be identified on

  <2> But, for the other people who want to join in, their stay expense & airfare is in their charge.  The host will try to minimize their stay expense.  About 45 USD for double room per day at Tien-Mou Convention Center.  Meal costs 100 USD in total

In addition, the registration fee of 50 USD in their 100 USD deposit will be taken out.  Accordingly, remaining 50 USD will be returned when they arrive. 

   <3> Bank service fee is in the senders charge.

To save your bank service fee, secretary general will help your payment processing, if possible by card or internet such as PayPal.

 If you would like to send your deposit by paypal service

on internet, you can use < >

         which is Liu Su –I ’s another e-mail address as paypal usage.



<1>Invitation letter with the signature of the Chairperson for expected participants will be air-mailed or will be e-mailed by color-scanning at your convenience.

    <2>*Just participation as observers without presentation is also allowed.                                                      

* Congress book, Certificate of participation & group photo will be

given by the host.

       * Abstract & full paper can be sent simultaneously to following two

e-mails.   Registering paper can be sent for Liu’s e-mail.

* If further inquiries, contact simultaneously its Secretary  

General, Liu Su-I : ( )

+886-939166924 (Liu’s mobile)

& International coordinator, prof. Lee ( )